Avatar: The Last Airbender Full Episodes

Avatar: The Last Airbender Full Episodes

Watch Avatar The Last Airbender full episodes online here totally for free. All 61 episodes starting from February 21, 2005 until July 2008 in high quality.

Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Episodes Online

This cartoon series is one that took the world by storm. Since its premier in 2005 on Nickelodeon, it has continued to grow in fame and acceptance with millions of viewers able to watch avatar the last airbender online from any location they are. This went on to establish the popularity of the series, recording nothing less than 5 million viewers from across the globe, with as many as 3 million viewers watching it when it first aired on TV screens worldwide. Also referred to as The Legend of Aang, following the popular protagonist Aang, the cartoon series was plotted on the premise of Aang. Aang is the protagonist as mentioned earlier and the twelve year old had the company of Bison Appa.

The cartoon was made popular by the heroics of Aang and even more popular by the masterpiece and concept of the cartoon. With some exotic Asian culture, it was set in a world of fantasy that had some semblance with the popular “Lord of the Ring” franchise. In The Last Airbender however, the world comprised of humans and fantastic creatures with the humans divided into four nations, each of the nation representing an element of the Earth. The elements of water, fire, air, and earth comprised of people known as Waterbender, Firebender, Airbender and Earthbender respectively. Each bender has the power of bending the power of their element. Aang was the protagonist from the air element and hence known as the Airbender. Katara was the woman after his heart and she was a Waterbender. Aang was portrayed to be the Last Airbender, an incarnation of all the powers of the planet.

The series has some educative side to it as it teaches about the skills of bending. It also features the battle between the Last Airbender and villains, Lord Ozai being the main one. The show is very impressive and interesting thanks to the concept that sees a very good mix of humor and action that allows people of every age group to enjoy it. This is underlined by the fact that avatar the last airbender episodes were watched by everyone all across the globe. Though the show originates from the United States, the inspiration is sourced from Japan with the Japanese culture largely used in the concepts and so was the Chinese culture. The fact that the idea of reincarnation or Avatar is from the Indian Mythology makes the show even more global. It has since gotten several nominations from different quarters, with a number of awards in the cabinet.