Family Guy (TV Series) Episodes

Family Guy (TV Series) Episodes

Watch Family Guy (1999 TV Series) full episodes online free in HD quality on any device, and see the amazing adventures with the Griffin family right from the beginning. The animated show, which has lasted for years and seen a great amount of success.

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Family Guy Seasons Is One Of The Longest Running Animated Shows

Animated shows have not been a big success in the mainstream television. The only animated television show, which has been able to sustain itself over the years and garner huge viewership for itself has been The Simpsons. Along with The Simpsons, the only other animated show, which has lasted for years and seen a great amount of success, is Family Guy. The Family Guy episodes have been on air since 1999.

The Popularity And Craze For The Show

The show has over the time been taken off the air a couple of times due to falling TRPs, but then had to be brought back due to immense public demand for the same. The popularity and craze for the show can be judged from the fact that the show has already completed 12 seasons with the Family Guy season 12 getting aired in 2013 and the season 13 too has started in the year 2014. The main reason which can be attributed to this huge success of the show is the fact that all the characters of the show are quite close to real life and yet they present a light hearted take on the everyday problems faced by all families. The underachieving father, the smarter wife, the adorable kids and pets and all the other characters of the show have managed to make a place for themselves in the hearts of the audiences. For all those people who were late to tune in to this show and missed the early seasons of the show can watch Family Guy online and see the story right from the beginning.

Test Of Time

Animated shows tend to have a very short life span. However, shows like The Simpsons and The Family Guy have proved themselves to be an exception to this rule. But this does not mean that these shows can continue to run for an indefinite period of time. Apparently the contract for the show Family Guy was supposed to expire in the year 2012 but had to be renewed due to demand for the show. However, one look at the seasons 12 and 13 of the show aired in the following years clearly shows that the series has lost its steam. The charm of the show has started to decline. The reviews garnered by the show lately are not encouraging at all.


Seeing the declining content quality and the negative reviews recently received by the show, it only makes sense for the makers of the show to end it now. It is better to end the show on a high rather than trying to push it down the throat of the audience to an extent that they start to feel repulsed by it as has been seen with some other shows which tried to overrun their series. There is no doubt about the fact that the characters of this show are still loved and admired by the audience, but since they have nothing new or better to offer it is better to shut down the show.