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Walt Disney is one of the most popular and influential entertainment industry figures in the world with his eponymous cartoon company Walt Disney. What makes this company to distinguish from all other cartoon makers is the successful transmission from black 'n white novelty to multiple Oscar-nominated Disney movies. The company was established in 1920s by two popular cartoon makers, Walt and Roy Disney.

Walt was far more popular than his brother, but Roy was a very talented and creative cartoon idealist as well. These two have created thousands of popular Walt Disney cartoon characters and introduced them in very entertaining cartoons. More than just a few of their cartoon characters have instantly became recognizable world-wide, including Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Petar Pan, Donald Duck and Hugo.

In his life of 65 years, Walt Disney has lived the American dream. For most people, he was a cartoon maker, movie maker and voice actor, but he was also a businessman and many people are convinced that he was anti-semitic and racist, judging from some of his statements and comments. However, they has managed to rise up from his poor and unstable childhood and become a very important figure in the world's animation industry, or as many like to call him, a cultural icon, by providing legendary Walt Disney cartoons.

Not many people in the world know that Walt was the original voice of his legendary and definitely most popular cartoon character Mickey Mouse. He borrowed his voice to Mickey Mouse for 19 years, until the English voice actor Jimmy MacDonald took over. However, Walt Disney has marked the 20th century of animation industry by creating thousands and hundreds of Walt Disney cartoons and some of the most entertaining cartoon characters of all times.

In U.S. Of America, Walt Disney is still one of the most reliable corporations, due to the incredible and continuous work of the company. For example, two years ago, the Walt Disney company has launched a television network in the U.S. Of America called Disney Junior, which broadcasts all cartoons for 24 hours.

The company today operates in five different business segments: parks and resorts, media networks, interactive media, consumer products and the most famous – studio entertainment. The studio entertainment segment is the pure core of the company and is operating successfully for more than 90 years. The company today still produces Disney movies featuring the well-known Disney cartoon characters and some new ones from time to time, available for all the world.