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Universal Pictures, or also known as Universal Studios, is one of the oldest and most reputable movie studios in the world. Established in 1912, Universal Studios has introduced its first movie on 3rd January, 1920. Today, it counts lots of produced movies and top animated movies that have been a pure success.

Universal Pictures is one of the “Big Six” movie studios in Hollywood, with production studios based in Universal City, California. Universal Pictures is “only” the third oldest biggest movie studio in the world, while it is the biggest one in America. The company enjoys a world wide recognition not only for its globally popular movies, but for its top animated movies as well.

Universal Pictures has added its name on many world-wide popular animated movies, such as Balto (I, II, III), Jetsons: The Movie, Madagascar, Underdogs, Pokemon, An American Tail and many others. In addition to top animated movies, this company has produced some of the best movies of all time. Read more about Universal Studios here.