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Most people hate mice, but they can all agree that Mickey Mouse is the cutest thing they have ever seen. There is no person alive that cannot recognize this iconic mascot of Walt Disney Company, the legendary black mouse with red pants and white gloves. In most Mickey Mouse episodes, the mouse wears his trademark white gloves, although firstly he was introduced with no gloves. This iconic character is created by none other than Walt Disney himself. He was inspired by a tame mouse and so created the most recognizable mouse featured in thousands of his own Mickey Mouse cartoons.

At first cartoons were called Mortimer Mouse cartoons, but the wife of Walt Disney suggested Mickey Mouse as a better choice. Before appearing in cartoon Mickey Mouse episodes, Mickey was featured in comics, but very soon he got his own cartoon series. The first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever created was Plane Crazy, which was created as a screen test only, while the first released cartoon was Steamboat Willie, quickly becoming a hit on the screen. At these times, most cartoon studios were producing silent movies, which was a big advantage for Walt Disney.

The creator of this iconic character, Walt, has been nominated 59 times for an Oscar and won 22 of them in 37 years only, which makes him the “only one”. Also, the character of Walt Disney was the first one to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This star has been awarded on the 50th anniversary celebration of Mickey Mouse in 1978. In addition to all Mickey Mouse cartoons honors, Walt Disney has been given three awards designed especially for him, including one for creating the legendary cartoon character Mickey Mouse.

The first voice of Mickey Mouse belonged to Walt Disney until 1946, when Jim MacDonald took over. Although he loved to voice Mickey, Walt gave up his voice because he damaged it by smoking. But Jim MacDonald was not the only successor, as Wayne Allwine , Chris Diamantopoulos and Bret Iwan have tried themselves in voicing Mickey. So, the Mickey Mouse episodes come with different voices, but they are all loved around the world. In 1935, Mickey Mouse first appeared in color cartoon in The Band Concert. In the color era of cartoon movies, Mickey Mouse was accompanied with other legendary characters, including Donald Duck, Goofy and his beloved lady – Minnie Mouse.

This mouse is not only an interesting character, but has also become a religion. There are all kinds of stuff to keep his spirit alive, such as video games, watches, t-shirts, toys, notebooks, etc. For those who are interested in watching all 112 Mickey Mouse full episodes, they are very easy to find on the Internet and promise to bring back some happy childhood memories.